Tribute in Light Monitoring 2016 Recap

Birds 'trapped' in the Tribute in Light Memorial's Beams

Birds 'trapped' in the Tribute in Light Memorial's Beams

The Tribute in Light memorial once again shone bright over Lower Manhattan on September 11, projecting two beams of light into the night sky to pay tribute to the lives lost on that day in 2001. NYC Audubon has monitored the memorial since 2002 to ensure that night-migrating songbirds, which in some years are attracted in huge numbers to the Tribute’s powerful light beams, are not exhausted and injured during the all-night event.



NYC Audubon staff, board members, and volunteers monitored this year’s memorial from 8pm Sunday night to 6am Monday morning. At around 11pm on Sunday night, migration activity began to increase and many birds were observed ‘trapped’ in the light, circling and calling to one another. Thank you to Michael Ahern Production Services, Inc. and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum for letting us turn the lights off three times for a brief period during the early morning hours, allowing birds to continue on their migration.


Here is a video taken by our monitoring staff of the lights being turned off at one point in the evening because of too much bird activity:



There were many species observed throughout the night, including American redstarts, black-and-white warblers, Baltimore orioles, and cuckoos. We even saw a peregrine falcon that was taking advantage of the congregation of small birds.


A Praying Mantis Joined Us!

A Praying Mantis Joined Us at One Point during Our Long Night of Monitoring!

Birds weren’t the only things we were watching though; we brought along a bat detector that was able to detect six different species of bat flying overhead! We even had a visit from a praying mantis around 3:30am. Be sure to check out NYC Audubon’s Facebook page or our Twitter page for more photos and video from the event.


Also, check out this wonderful video produced by NY Daily News about our Tribute in Light monitoring:


VIDEO: How Birds Are Saved during 9/11 Tribute in Light Memorial, produced by NY Daily News




To learn more about the work NYC Audubon does to protect migrating birds, visit our Project Safe Flight page.


-Conservation Biologist Debra Kriensky


Photo Gallery from This Year’s Tribute in Light Monitoring 

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