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NYC Audubon on Governors Island 2018

[b]Nolan Park House #17 on Governors Island [/b]Nolan Park House #17 on Governors Island

We had another fantastic season of fun and great birding at our residence on Governors Island. We closed out our last day on the island—October 28—with an astonishing 67 species! And thanks to the diligent reporting of Annie Barry, Ben Cacace, Gabriel Willow, Cathy Weiner, and Laura Goggin, the island now has over 200 species listed on eBird.

Our Nolan Park House 17 was quite the hub for activity as well. Adelka Polak with IBEX Puppetry, Gail Karlsson, Autumn Kioti, Liz Rudey, Jocelyn Mackenzie, Elias Markee-Ratner, Paloma Obergh, Juan Carlos Pinto, Ash Ferlito, Nadir Souirgi, Jenn Cortés, Jessica Maffia, National Audubon Society, Anina Gerchick, Sara Lewis, and Annie McCain Engman of Parlour Salon provided workshops, art exhibits, and kid-friendly activities throughout the entire summer. Thank you to everyone who made the 2018 season on Governors Island another great success.

Check back this spring for information on our residency on Governors Island next season. 



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