Protecting Raptors from Accidental Poisoning


[b]Red-tailed Hawk[/b][br] © Steve NanzRed-tailed Hawk
© Steve Nanz
Accidental poisoning is the second most common cause of death among urban hawks and falcons. The culprit is most often the rodenticide brodifacoum. Although the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation does not use this rodenticide in city parks, it is among the most frequently used rodenticides by homeowners and building managers. 

In order to protect raptors across New York City, NYC Audubon strongly encourages all property owners and managers to use alternate methods of rat control. All New Yorkers should work to handle garbage properly to reduce the availability of food for rats, to avoid the use of the most dangerous rodenticides at any time and to use other rodenticides sparingly, and never during raptor nesting periods from March-August. 

What You Can Do to Help

Click Here Download Brochure (pdf file)Click Here Download Brochure (pdf file) 

Educate yourself, your neighbors and your building management about responsible rodent control. You can download our brochure here, or call 212-691-7483 to order a printed copy.

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