Look Around New York City

Look Around New York City is NYC Audubon's publication for children in fourth through sixth grades that has been published for almost 25 years by a volunteer team of writers, artists, and editors. It features articles by professionals as well as kids. There are fun facts, mini-quizzes, interviews, and ideas for adults about city-based nature activities for children. Look Around aims to get city kids involved in their environment by promoting nature appreciation and preservation. Look Around is made possible by a generous donation from Con Edison.

Click the titles below to download PDF copies of previously published issues of Look Around New York City

Get to Know Jamaica Bay's Birds!
I am the American Oystercatcher, The Amazing Birds of Jamaica Bay, Who Am I?

Birds in Art
John James Audubon, Learn How to Draw Birds, Richard Rivera's Eagles of New York

Introducing... The Thrushes
The Wood Thrush, Get to Know the Thrush Family, Danger in the Big City, A Hidden Message

Horseshoe Crabs 2011
What are they? Mating Season at Plumb Beach, The Red Knot

Hudson Canyon
A Fighting Fish, Fight to Save the Striped Bass, Double-Crested Cormorant

Layers of the Forest
What is a Leaf? Lifestyles of Mammals and Soil Animals, How Trees Help NYC, The Mannahatta Project

New York City is the Place for Fishing
Floatables, Runoff, and Wastewater: The Effects of Pollution on You and the Environment, Kayaking at the Downtown Boathouse

The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Seeds

The Brother Islands

Project Safe Flight

City Bird: The Story of Pale Male

Let the Journey Begin

A Little Hunter in the Big City

Osprey: a Fishing Bird

Wise Up to Owls!

The Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon: Themed Science and Eighth Grade Exit Project Ideas

A Fish Story

Native Plants

WatchList Birds

Journaling: Keeping Track of Special Things

Don't Trash It New York (and other stories)

Year of the Frog

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