Clay Pit Ponds


Volunteers spread wood chips at Clay Pit Ponds © NYC Audubon

Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve is a little gem of a park toward the southern end of Staten Island that takes its name from the fact huge numbers of  bricks originated in its bounteous kaolin clay pits in the 19th century. NYC Audubon, with the support of an Audubon NY TogetherGreen Innovation Grant, has been fortunate to take several groups out to Clay Pit Ponds to introduce them to the history and wildlife of the park and also work to improve the park. On Friday, July 20th a group of 20 from CBS spent several hours removing invasive plants like Japanese Stiltgrass, placing new woodchips on the park’s trails and cutting back plants encroaching on the trails. On July 23rd and 24th we took two groups of students from our Bronx borough partner Rocking the Boat to the park to walk those very same trails, learn about the history of the area and check out the abundant wildlife in the park. We’ve really taken to Clay Pit Ponds and highly recommend it as a great place for New Yorkers to visit!

- John Rowden

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