Yucatán: Cozumel Island, Río Lagartos, and the Ancient Mayan Ruins

With Gabriel Willow and local guides
Saturday, Februrary 15 – Monday, Februrary 24
(Pre-trip workshops: Wednesday, January 22, 6-8pm)

American Flamingos © Peter Wilson*American Flamingos © Peter Wilson*


Explore the natural and cultural highlights of the Yucatán peninsula!

Cozumel Emerald © dfaulder*Cozumel Emerald © dfaulder*

We begin our trip on the isle of Cozumel, known for its abundance in endemic species. Target species here include the Cozumel emerald (hummingbird) and the Cozumel vireo; we can also expect to see the Yucatán woodpecker, flycatcher and jay, as well as the brown jay, black catbird, and much more.



Barred Antshrike © brian.gratwicke*Barred Antshrike © brian.gratwicke*

As we continue our tour of the famously lush Yucatán region, we will also discover the river fauna of Río Lagartos, which is the destination to see American flamingos! Among the many other birds to see here are the American pygmy kingfisher, Yucatán wren, bobwhite, mangrove vireo, Mexican sheartail, and boat-billed heron. We will also spend time taking in both the birds and the magnificent Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza and at the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Accommodations include the Villablanca Beach Garden in Cozumel, and the Hotel Villa de Pescadores in Río Lagartos.

Includes one pre-trip workshop, double-occupancy lodging and transportation in the Yucatán, most meals, and entrance fees. Limited to 12. $2,295 per person (double occupancy, $450 single supplement). 
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