Our Leadership

Our board of directors and advisory council are made up of diverse and dynamic individuals who volunteer their time to our organization, offering us guidance and expertise in a wide range of issues, and are motivated solely by their deep commitment to the City's birds.

Board Officers

President - Karen Benfield
Executive Vice President - Mike Yuan
Vice Presidents - Christian Cooper, Alan Steel, and Michael Tannen
Treasurer - Drianne Benner
Secretary - Deborah Laurel
Immediate Past President - Jeffrey Kimball

Board Directors

Gina Argento
Seth Ausubel 
Marsilia A. Boyle
Shawn Cargil
César A. Castillo
Angela Co
Steven A. Dean
Alexander Ewing
Linda N. Freeman, MD
Tatiana Kaletsch
Kyu Lee
Jenny Maritz
Patrick Markee
Andre C. Meade
Elizabeth Norman
Vivek Sriram
Richard Veit, PhD

Board Committee Chairs

Executive - Karen Benfield
Audit - Mike Yuan
Conservation - Marsilia A. Boyle
Education and Public Programs - Shawn Cargil and Richard Veit, PhD
Engagement - Shawn Cargil (interim Chair)
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility - Angie Co and Elizabeth Norman
Finance - Drianne Benner
Fundraising - Tatiana Kaletsch
Nominating - Jeffrey Kimball*
Personnel - Alan Steel
Publications - Marcia T. Fowle* and Lauren Klingsberg

Advisory Council

Co-Chair - Marcia T. Fowle*
Co-Chair - James R. Sheffield
Richard T. Andrias
Sarah Grimké Aucoin
Claude Bloch, MD
Albert K. Butzel
Cliff Case
Rebekah Creshkoff
Andrew Darrell
Joseph H. Ellis
Andrew Farnsworth, PhD
Catherine Schragis Heller
Lynne Hertzog
Sarah Jeffords
Mary Jane Kaplan
Robert J. Kimtis
Lauren Klingsberg
Kimberly Kriger
Janice Laneve
Lawrence Levine
Pamela Manice
Peter Rhoades Mott*
Dorothy M. Peteet, PhD
Don Riepe
Lewis Rosenberg
John Shemilt
David Speiser
Tom Stephenson
* Past President