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The Urban Audubon is a glossy quarterly publication mailed to NYC Audubon members. It connects readers with the latest news on our organization’s activities and events, explores interesting topics in New York City birding and environmental conservation, profiles bird species and their habitat in the NYC Area, and provides critical information members can use to help our conservation efforts—from using bird-friendly glass to protecting our natural areas.

The Latest Issue: Summer 2022

Read, and download the summer Urban Audubon below. Enlarge the issue image by clicking the "full screen" icon in the document window (in the bottom right-hand corner on desktop or the middle of your screen on mobile). Flip through the pages using the arrow buttons, or download the PDF using the icon at upper left.

Issue Highlights: Nesting Birds of New York City that Need Our Help; Meet Our New Director of Conservation and Science, Dustin Partridge, PhD; Wind Power on the Horizon; Save the Date—The 2022 Fall Roost

Selected Online Articles from Recent Issues

Wind Power on the Horizon
“Monopole” wind turbines in the Netherlands’ Westermeerwind Wind Farm. Photo: Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock
Learn about an important new wind energy project planned right off of New York City's shoreline—and the efforts being taken to minimize risks to birds and other wildlife.

Read the article by Suzanne Charlé.
Meet our New Director of Conservation and Science
Dr. Partridge samples arthropods in the sedum of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center green roof. Photo: NYC Audubon
Get to know Dustin Partridge, PhD, NYC Audubon's new director of conservation and science, who has overseen our green roof monitoring work for the past decade.

Read the article by Dustin Partridge, PhD.
Lights Out Laws Move Forward
Manhattan skyline "Lights Out" rendering with blue filter. Photo: shutterupeire
Learn about the important recent progress made to reduce artificial nighttime lighting in New York City—and how NYC Audubon is working to further mitigate this hazard for migratory birds.

Read the article by Suzanne Charlé.
Birds and Brews across the Boroughs
A stretching immature gull eyes a tasty prospect. © Marijs/Shutterstock
For birders 21 and older: Take a tour of birding hotspots across New York City's five boroughs, sampling lagers, IPAs, blond ales, porters, and stouts along the way!

Read the article by Hillarie O'Toole. 
The Living Shoreline of Jamaica Bay
Jamaica Bay Living Shoreline construction. Photo: Don Riepe
Explore the newly created sustainable shoreline project at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, and learn how local partners pulled this complex project across the finish line.

Read the article by Carol Peace Robins.
Meet Our New Executive Director, Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson. Photo: Marc Goldberg Photography
Get to know Jessica Wilson, NYC Audubon's new executive director. NYC Audubon birding guide and past Director of Development Kellye Rosenheim sat down with Jessica to discuss her first days on the job and what she sees in the organization's future.

Read the article by Kellye Rosenheim.
The New York State Birding Trail Kicks Off on Staten Island’s South Shore
A Red-winged Blackbird defends its turf in Mount Loretto Unique Area. Photo: Dave Ostapiuk
Staten Island's beautiful Mount Loretto Unique Area was chosen as the launching site for the New York State Birding Trail, a network of popular and accessible birding sites across the state organized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
Read the article by Hillarie O'Toole. 
Save the Bugs before It's Too Late
Black-capped Chickadee. Photo: Douglas Tallamy
Learn about the growing evidence of worldwide insect decline and the impacts of that decline on birdlife—and about the specific dangers of neonicotinoid pesticides.

Read the article by Tod Winston.
Meet Latino Outdoors' Anahí Naranjo
Anahí Naranjo explores Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. Photo: Anahí Naranjo
Kellye Rosenheim talks with Anahí Naranjo, outdoor activity leader for Latino Outdoors, about birding in the Latinx community and the mission of her organization.

Read the article by Kellye Rosenheim.
At Work in Jamaica Bay
Young volunteers take a breather from cleaning North Channel Beach in Jamaica Bay. Photo: Aurora Crooks
Read about the many ways that NYC Audubon is working to protect and better understand the birds and other wildlife of Jamaica Bay.

Read the article by Rebecca Minardi.
President's Perch: Collaboration for a Kestrel
A Young American Kestrel climbs its way back to safety. Photo: Tim Healy
NYC Audubon Board President Karen Benfield recounts a cooperative endeavor to return a fledgling American Kestrel to the rooftops.

Read the column by Karen Benfield.
In a New York City Minute: Bird-Friendly Retrofit at the World Trade Center
The glass railing at the World Trade Center's Liberty Park, treated with Feather Friendly to prevent collisions. Photo: Melissa Breyer
Learn about this past spring's successful effort to reduce songbird deaths at the World Trade Center's Liberty Park.

Read the article by Suzanne Charlé.
The Birdability campaign promotes accessible birding. Photo: Adam Wasilewski
NYC Audubon Board Member Elizabeth Norman explores the Birdability campaign, a nationwide effort to make birding more accessible.

Read the article by Elizabeth Norman.
Resources on Race and the Environment
The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature, by J. Drew Lanham, PhD
NYC Audubon's equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility committee, in collaboration with our staff, has compiled a list of recommended resources focused on the experience of Black people in nature, and about the realities of racism in the birding and wider conservation communities. We’ve also included links to virtual environmentally themed communities created by and for people of color.

Explore the list of resources here. 

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Special 40th Anniversary Issue, published October 2019