We thank our thousands of members, donors, and supporters who help us make NYC safer for birds and people. American Kestrel photo: Becky Matsubara
We thank our thousands of members, donors, and supporters who help us make NYC safer for birds and people. American Kestrel photo: Becky Matsubara

Support for NYC Audubon

NYC Audubon’s conservation, advocacy, and engagement work is made possible by the generous contributions of members and friends. We express particular gratitude for leadership support from the Leon Levy Foundation, The New York Community Trust, the Javits Center, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. 

The supporters listed below donated gifts received from April 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022. We also thank the thousands of members and donors with collective gifts under $500, as well as our many community partners and in-kind donors. 

$50,000 + (Benefactors Circle)
Sandra N. Boley
Jeff Kimball and Pamela Hogan

$25,000 + (Chair’s Circle)
Gina Argento and Broadway Stages Ltd. 
Wolfgang Demisch
Cathy and Lloyd Heller
Lauren and Ethan Klingsberg
Jenny and Flip Maritz
Andre Meade
Alan and Cathy Steel
Carol Stein

$10,000 + (President’s Circle)
Karen Benfield and John Zucker
Ronald V. Bourque
Marsilia A. Boyle
Joseph and Barbara Ellis
Alexander Ewing and Wynn Senning
Marcia and Bruce Fowle
Kathryn and Vincent G. Heintz
Sarah Jeffords
Tatiana Kaletsch
Peter L. Lese
Pamela Manice
Clark Mitchell and David Lapham
Terry and Bill Pelster
Winnie Spar
Antonia Stolper and Bob Fertik
Virginia K. Stowe
Mary and Michael Tannen
Christopher Whalen
Elizabeth Woods and Charles Denholm
John Anthony Wright

$5,000 + (Director’s Circle)
Kristen Bancroft and Bruce Weinstein
Drianne Benner
Claude and Lucienne Bloch
MaryJane Boland and Daniel Picard
Amanda M. Burden
Gail Clark
Philip Fried and Bruce Patterson
Nancy B. Hager
Scott and Ellen Hand
Laura and David Harris
Perrin Hutcheson
Mary Jane Kaplan
David Lei
Bobbie Leigh
Karen and Timothy Macdonald
Patrick Markee and Lizzy Ratner
Kathy Mele
Joyce F. Menschel
Hank and Wendy Paulson
Cheryl Reich and David Dewhurst
Lew and Sheila Rosenberg
Naomi Seligman
Vivek Sriram and Abja Midha
Elizabeth Weinshel and Joel Goldfarb
Barbara White

$2,500 + (American Kestrel Circle)
Barbara Aubrey
Seth Ausubel and Mary Normandia
Caryl Hudson Baron
Erik Beck
Angela Co
Christian Cooper
Andrew Darrell
Sarah DeBlois and Art Sills
Helena Durst
Aline and Henry Euler
Alfred C. Finger
Gregg and Cindi Fisher
Thomas Freedman and Phillip Harper
Linda N. Freeman, MD
Joshua Ginsberg
Gallya Gordon
Steve Hogden and Karen Tenser
Jamie Johnson
Robert Kimtis and Susan Bynum
Nancy A. Langsan
Deborah Laurel
Kyu Lee
Adrienne T. Lynch
Erin Meyer and Sagar Patel
Mary F. Miller
Malcolm and Mary Morris
Maura Murphy
Donald and Genie Rice
Don Riepe
Steven and Barbara Rockefeller
Judith E. Shapiro
Jennifer Shotwell
Lucia Skwarek and Alex Gutierrez
Lenore Swenson
Rochelle Thomas
Christi Wagenaar
Laura Whitman and Thomas Danziger
D. Bruce Yolton and Stephen Billick
Michael Yuan and Nicky Combs

$1,000 +
Chris Allieri
Hugo Barreca
Barbara Belknap
Brook Berlind
Ardith Y. Bondi
Maryellen Borello
Jody and Sheila Breslaw
Virginia Carter
Philip and March Cavanaugh
Veronica Clarke
John H. Couturier
Rebekah Creshkoff
Titia De Lange
Elizabeth Dobell
Kathy Drake
Jacqueline Dryfoos
Connie Ellis
Eric Ewing
Sandy Fiebelkorn
Martin and Susan Goldstein
John and Ila Gross
Judd Grossman
Carolyn Grossner
Linda Gui
Akiko Hagipoli
Thomas Halaczinsky
Peter and Alex Harwich
Adam Heller and Danielle Weisberg
Lynne Hertzog and Steve Pequignot
Constance M. Hoguet
Anna Holmgren
Rita L. Houlihan
Peter Joost
Gail Karlsson and Edward Oldfield
Yukako Kawata
Jane A. Kendall and David Dietz
Jennifer Kouvant and Hans Li
Sylvie M. Le Blancq
Jonathan Lehman
Tom K. Loizeaux
Jennifer Mazzanti
Kate and Jim McMullan
Tom and Louise Middleton
Phyllis and Slade Mills
Rebecca Minnich
Liz Neumark
Gaile Newman
Elizabeth Norman and Jane McAndrew
Deborah Parks and Mark Bouzek
Cheryl Payer
Louise Pfister
Regina Phelps
April Pufahl
Alison Bruce Rea
Christina Reik
Sascha M. Rockefeller
Joan Healey Ross
Charles Scheidt
Steven and Donna Schragis
Susan Schuur
John and Heather Shemilt
Amy Simmons
David Spawn
John Steinberg and Jill Pliskin
Scott and Dhuane Stephens
Richard Veit, PhD
Elizabeth Wainstock and Suzanne Little
Nancy Ward
Heidi Wendel
Alicia Williams and Adrian Stoch
Cheryl Wischhover

$500 + 
Rebecca and Alberto Acosta
Rick and Jane Andrias
Vivian Awner
Mark and Diane Baker
Elizabeth Bass
Mary E. Bednar
Frances Beinecke and Paul J. Elston
Barbara Bennett
Denise Berger
Kathleen Breen
Linda and Stephen Breskin
Shawn Cargil and Jennifer Beaugrand
Mary Carlin
Andrew and Ellen Celli
Michael and Helen Christopher
Elizabeth Cornwall
Michael and Michele Czupryna
Steven A. Dean
Nina A. Dioletis
Daniel DiPietro
Barbara Divver
Deborah Draving
Jeanne Driscoll
Alan Drogin
Jean Dugan and Ben Ford
Stephanie Ehrlich
Margot Paul Ernst
Gro Flatebo and Kent Wommack
Peter Flint
Andrew and Kate French
Edward Gaillard and Elena Andrews Gaillard
Mary Garvey
Amy Gilfenbaum
Caroline Greenleaf
Terry Griffin
Augusta Gross
Paul Hallingby
Catherine Hansen
Anthony and Anna Hass
Barbara Hayes
Kathleen Heenan and Clary Olmstead
Robert L. and Laura B. Hoguet
Jill Hoskins
Ken and Jill Iscol
Stephen Jacobs and Nancy Walker
Valerie Jennings
Linda Jessee
Jim Kelly and Lisa Henricksson
Darren Klein
Carina Knudsen
Carol Kostik
Jeffrey Kramer
Nancy Kricorian and James Schamus
Bob and Carol Krinsky
Jeffrey LaHoste
Christopher Laskowski
Anne Lee
Roger and Florence Liddell
Pamela and Jeffrey Lovinger
John Lyons
Hugh and Camilla McFadden
Edward McGuire
Alice McInerney
James and Patricia McKeever
Karen McLaughlin and Mark Schubin
Ritamary A. McMahon
Joseph and Deborah McManus
Josephine Merck
Judy Miller
Leslie and Richard Miller
Heidi Nitze
Roberta Olson
Hillarie O’Toole 
Pauli Overdorff
James Park
Sheryl Parker
Mona Payton
Tracy Pennoyer
Marguerite Pitts
Marilyn and Michael Ratner
Eileen Thornton Renda
Nicole Riley
Elizabeth Barlow Rogers
Kellye and Jeff Rosenheim
Seymour Rothman
Christina Rubin
Stephen Rush
Dorothy Segal
Craig Shepard
Brett Sherman
Stuart Sherman
Christopher Shyer
Amy Singer
Mort and Judy Sloan
Lance Smith
Loren Smith
Wendy Smyth
Tom and Wendy Stephenson
John Taranu and Emily Anderson
Terry R. Taylor
Coralie Toevs
Kathleen Tunnell Handel
Irene and Richard Van Slyke
Charles A. Weiss
Sam Wertheimer and Pamela Rosenthal
Ana White
Maiah Wight
Jessica and Craig Wilson
James Windels
John and Beth Wittenberg
Thomas and Catherine Wornom
Christine Youngberg
Kate Youngstrom
Jane Zucker and Rafael Campos

Foundations and Institutions
The Achelis and Bodman Foundation
Altman Foundation
The Apple Hill Fund
Building Trades Employers Association
COFRA Foundation
Craig Newmark Philanthropies
Disney Conservation Fund
The Dobson Foundation
Dr. E. Lawrence Deckinger Family Foundation
Dr. Joseph B. and Lillian Stiefel Foundation
Edwin L. Berger Charitable Trust
Euler-Revaz Family Foundation
FAO Schwarz Family Foundation
The Ferriday Fund Charitable Trust
The Harry & Rose S. Zaifert Foundation
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
Javits Center
Kimball Foundation
The Knox Foundation
Leaves of Grass Fund
Leon Levy Foundation
Levy/Klim Gift Fund
Lily Auchincloss Foundation
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Marta Heflin Foundation
National Audubon Society
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
The New York Community Trust
Peak View Foundation
Pine Tree Conservation Society, Inc. 
Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation
Robert and Joyce Menschel Family Foundation
Robert I. Goldman Foundation
Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust
Sills Family Foundation
St-Jacques Oates Family Fund
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Weinshel Goldfarb Foundation, Inc.
Wood Thrush Fund

Corporate Supporters
ADP, Inc.
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 
AP Studio, Inc.
Apple Bank
The B.G. Dilworth Agency
Bird Collective
Broadway Stages Ltd. 
Brookfield Properties
Capital Group 
Con Edison
COOKFOX Architects 
Davis Polk
Deutsche Bank
Douglass Winthrop Advisors
The Durst Organization
Hearst Corporation
Hudson Yards
Johnson & Johnson
Lakeland Bank
Lendlease (US) Construction LMB Inc.
LERA Consulting Structural Engineers
Levi Strauss
Lucky 8 Productions
Morgan Stanley
New York Life Insurance Company
NYC & Company
Oliver Cope Architect LLC
The Orchard
Rockefeller Group
SADA, Inc.
Silicon Valley Bank
United Rentals
United States Roofing Corporation
The Walt Disney Company

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