Report Bird Collisions with dBird

In 2014 we added an important tool to Project Safe Flight: An online crowd-sourcing data collection tool, dBird provides a way for the public to enter records of dead and injured birds, contributing to our Project Safe Flight research. NYC Audubon staff analyzes these reports in order to integrate and relate these results with existing Project Safe Flight research. Crowd-sourced data can help to provide context and guidance for more scientifically rigorous research efforts, such as the traditional collision monitoring protocols. Beyond NYC, we’ve received dBird reports from 24 U.S. states as well as Canada, China, India, and Norway. 


If you find a dead or injured bird, please submit a report through dBird! It takes only a minute, and if you are using a smartphone, you can save even more time by having your location entered automatically via GPS.


See Bird Collision Data on Our dBird Map

Below you can see a frequently updated map of the data already submitted this year through dBird. View specific entries by placing your mouse over each data point on the map.

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