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What's in a Name? Dropping “Audubon”

Karen Benfield, NYC Audubon Board President | June 1, 2023
NYC Audubon Board President Karen Benfield explains why the organization's board of directors voted in March 2023 to change the organization's name. Hear from Karen about what the organization learned after its eight-month-long assessment of the Audubon name and why a change needed to be made to better serve its mission and work. The article concludes with over a dozen members of the community sharing their feedback about the organization's decision, both in favor and against it. 

The Christian Cooper Chronicles

Carol Peace Robins | June 1, 2023
NYC Audubon Vice President Christian Cooper shares his passion for birds and chronicles his many adventures in the upcoming book Better Living Through Birding and National Geographic show Extraordinary Birder, both set to debut in June 2023.